Not Waiting, Now Waiting

So, on Sunday morning, four full days before the very earliest day that the widget said I could pee on a stick and expect to see any kind of answer about whether we got pregnant this month, I went ahead and peed on the stick. And got no answer, of course, despite my feeling rather like because it was my birthday, First Response and the biology gods should just go ahead and give me a pass and tell me already. And just because the last stick was just sitting there all lonely and everything on Tuesday morning, I did it again to the same non-result.

I realize that the non-result is probably going to be the result anyway. But now I am waiting. Supposedly I can take it tomorrow morning, but I’ll be waiting until Friday, maybe even Saturday. Saturday seems good because we’ll be out at The Dirt, a house way out in Blanco County over looking the river, a really special place that a friend of ours makes available to us every so often. Also, Saturday will be just three days before the expected start of my next period, and according to the box, it’s good up to five days before. And I got a three-pack, so I can obsessively pee again on Monday and if my period doesn’t start on Tuesday as scheduled, on Wednesday too.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking what to do for a nursery. Gun-jumping. But I want to enjoy this while I can for as long as I can. If it doesn’t happen, at least I’ll have had a little fun. And if it does happen… Coolest. Baby. Ever.

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