The Bought It At IKEA Detail Is What Makes It So Realistic

My mother sent me this e-mail on my birthday. She and I both tend to have significant dreams that wind up being a little bit predictive or illuminating. Of course, we have them just often enough that it makes us feel like some dreams are prophetic when really they aren’t.
From Mom:
I had a very intense, realistic dream about you last night. Perhaps it was because it was your birthday today, I do not know. I thought I would share it with you and you can take from it whatever you want.
The first part of the dream that I can remember is that you were a brand-new baby – but then the developmental phase I was experiencing in the dream regressed; and, quite similar to a Nova documentary, it went into the details of the multiplying cells in a newly fertilized egg and went all the way through your development until you were full term. I could always see your face only it was in miniature from when you were born. I do not know if anything in the interim occurred but the next part of the dream that I can remember is that we were in the driveway at our tri-level home in Rolla with you in the big baby carriage that you had when you were a baby. I was reaching down to pick you up, when I realized that it was you, as an adult, standing beside me reaching down to pick up the baby that looked just like you. I had come to visit you and although the location remained the same – that was your house. When you were holding the baby up to your shoulder, I reached down for the baby’s blanket into what had morphed to a modern stroller (I have not seen one like this particular model anywhere). I asked you where you got it and you told me IKEA. It was so real and I have not been able to get away from the realness of it throughout the day today. It was as real as our visit was with each other last week – with the same level of vivid memories. It was a cool dream!

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