A Little Better All The Time

I had an appointment with a new OB this morning (because if we do get pregnant, my previous GYN doesn’t do OB and I would have to find someone and I’d rather get established now), and she was great.

First off, she was positive without being fake. She was really nice, but is also clearly thoughtful and intelligent (not that you can’t be nice AND thoughtful/intelligent).
Second, she was a little unsure of why the previous dr would go straight to injections based on bloodwork only and no follow-up exams first. Especially, she said, because my Day 3 test did show a good baseline reserve. The Day 10 test for estradiol and FSH is better done in conjunction with an HSG, hysterosalpinogram, and the timing is perfect for me to have that done on Friday. They’ll be able to get an up-close look at the ovaries and follicles and so on and see whether follicle development is taking place as it should and whether my eggs are in any kind of shape to begin with.
Third, she’s already got me calling to make the appointment to see the fertility specialist, because she says it can be up to six weeks to get in and she doesn’t want to lose any time, just in case.
Fourth, instead of going straight to injections, she says that, depending on the results of the HSG, she’d suggest trying Clomid for a month or two first, because I might not need the injections. I think it’s worth taking an extra month or two to try it. That will also give me time to get into a little bit better shape. She also said that she didn’t think I should worry too much about that, just to focus on being healthy and fit but not think about sizes or pounds, because I wasn’t *too* overweight (and she was looking right at the records when she said that!). I feel too overweight, but OK, if a doctor is telling me not to worry, that’s a prescription.
Fifth, she was direct and supportive about the anencephaly question. There’s not going to be any way ahead of time to see if there’s going to be that problem. Any other genetic testing would be done after conception. And she says we’ll deal with anything we find as we go.
Sixth, she took the possibility of lupus seriously and ordered some bloodwork that will give us some more numbers there. (Her phlebotomist was also amazing, I could hardly even tell there was a needle stick.)
The insurance will cover the HSG, and I have to look it up but I believe it will also cover the Clomid to some extent.
So that was almost ALL GOOD. I really liked her, and I feel like I’ve got the right doctor for this. The whole practice, nurses and aides and everyone, was really nice and positive. And frankly, I liked the energy of being in a waiting room with a bunch of pregnant moms. Especially the one who was just coming in for her first official I’m-pregnant! appointment in the very cute little dress and flats. I’m hoping that will end up being me.

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