New Year, New Leap

We’re still leaping. But now I’m making another giant leap. I’ve resigned my steady job, and all the good and bad, not necessarily in that order, that went with it. As of February 1, I will be self-employed.

Part of taking this step is self-preservation. Life has gotten too far out of balance, tipped too heavily into the red of stress and ill health. So I’m trying to put things back in balance.
Putting things in balance means figuring out where things are. I haven’t had time to do things around the house or around the town. I work with my computer in my lap in front of the TV. So in what looks like an act of total self-absorption but is really keeping track of where the needle is on the balance scale, I’m going to make notes of a few things each day (whether I do it every day will be one indicator):
1. Project tackled:
2. Exercise accomplished:
3. Read:
4. TV watched:
5. Dish prepared:
Starting here and now.
1. Project tackled: Preserved lemons. So far, I’ve used Goo Gone to start getting the label off an old large jar, and have it soaking in the sink to get more off. Next up, slicing and salting the lemons.
2. not yet
3. The Statesman at breakfast;
4. West Wing episode “Debate Camp” while compiling 2009 sick leave requests for old job
5. Water. I know. But seriously, I’ve got two glass carafes that I filled with thin-sliced lemons and cucumbers, finely minced ginger, and some mint leaves. It took 15 minutes to slice everything up. At first I thought, I’m not seriously going to spend 15 minutes a day doing this, am I? And I may not. But any time I do it, if I can get my mind in the right place, it will be as much about breathing and focusing on why I’m doing it (health), inhaling the bright lemon and crisp ginger scents, sharing a bit of cucumber with Bailey, and centering myself for the morning ahead.

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