Another four months gone by

Only two months of trying, January and now. In January, there was a hope that getting pregnant would coincide with escaping the malignant energy of the old job. February was spent with a massive upper respiratory infection and a pre-fertility-treatment surgery. Because of recuperation from that surgery, we weren’t allowed to try in March. Two weeks ago, out at The Dirt, we did our best. Tomorrow or Saturday is the soonest we can verify.

Should we not have accomplished the miracle on our own, we’re all set to start injections that lead up to IUI. I’m promised the shots won’t be crazy-making. Michael will give them to me. The process has a one in three chance of producing twins (or more). I kind of like the idea of twins. I may regret saying it later, but I think I could handle twins. Plus, coming up with two more names, that would be fun, right?

More when the stick reveals its answer.

One thought on “Another four months gone by

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I remember being where you are now. It’s an exquisitely hopeful, vulnerable time. I’m happy to be able to follow along.

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