A shot in the… dark

Medical intervention is well and truly under way. This is the first week of my cycle, and it began with an ultrasound on Day 2 to check for ovarian cysts (you don’t want to have them). All clear, with a go-ahead to begin hormone shots on Day 3. There are four pens loaded with something called Gonal-F and one with Ovidrel sitting in my fridge, to the tune of $1836, and every night between 6 and 9 p.m., M becomes the shotmaster. We had a choice of target zones, and the one that’s been working out best (no worries about hitting any muscle) is right around my belly button. Left, right, left, right, alternating each day. We even kept up with it precisely during our trip to New Orleans to work on our house (a whole nother blog), pulling off I-10 on Sunday night for a 7:30  injection in the parking lot of the Target in Lafayette, La.

No one who knows me will be surprised to hear that I am already overachieving. First bloodwork and ultrasound checkup yesterday (Day 6) showed my estradiol level up at 195 (“we would have been happy with 150,” said Dr. Natalie), and seven follicles developing (four on the right, three on the left). There’s no guarantee that they will all continue to develop and produce an egg, but at the moment we’ve got numbers of 12, 9, 8, and 7 on the right and 12, 9, and 9 on the left. Shots continue, with another set of bloodwork and ultrasound on Thursday.

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