On the menu

Week 4, Day 4

I’m trying to avoid the worst of morning sickness by eating small amounts frequently. This has led to many small plates, including some interesting snacks that I’m not sure I would have put together without being pregnant.

So far, I’ve been enjoying:

* Hard-boiled eggs
* These really good multi-grain/dried fruit/flaxseed omega-3 energy bar things from Costco
* Pickled herring
* Cucumbers (including a terrific cucumber-lime-kefir smoothie I made yesterday when I got overheated at the Food Bank staff picnic)
* Fresh fruit with granola and kefir
* Ry-Vita pumpkin seed crackers with a little schmear of light cream cheese and some Dai Due sauerkraut (alternatively, this also makes a good half-sandwich on Oroweat Health Nut bread)

A great sour snack: home-pickled Dai Due sauerkraut and light cream cheese on a pumpkin seed Ry-Vita.

I’ve been doing pretty well getting vegetables into the equation. Tonight, for instance, I made an egg in the hole with a fresh farm egg and a slice of multi-grain bread, and off to one side in the pan I sauteed some organic spinach. This week we’ve also had roasted cauliflower, broccoli, and a yummy Tecolote Farms chard saute (all organic).

Tecolote Farms organic swiss chard with a mix of flaxseed, sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds, with chicken meatballs on a brown rice-quinoa mix

Things that aren’t working out so well gastronomically include spicy things (including, sadly, the Dai Due chorizo from the farmer’s market last Saturday), anything too sweet, or anything chocolatey. Blue Bell Strawberries & Original Homemade Vanilla, however, in a very small bowl, seems to be going okay. 🙂

cross-posted by the lazy pregnant woman to her food blog, The Dinner Hour (http://thedinnerhour.wordpress.com)

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