How to Suck a New Dad Into the Whole Registry Deal

Week 18, Day 4

While I’ve been sitting in my chair hour upon hour stocking our gift-registry-and-research-this-product-some-more list, Michael has been sitting on the couch hour upon hour doing the kind of actual work that funds our little family. White papers, grant proposals, marketing documents, personnel management, on and on and on. So I haven’t really tried to drag him away from the important business of getting truly safe plastics to market just to make him give me his input on organic swaddlers and the merits of bouncers vs swings.

But this morning, thanks to a Facebook note from my dear friend Mark Lambert, I got Michael’s almost complete and nearly undivided attention. Mark, who I first met in 1997 when he was the staff attorney for Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa and I was providing patient testimony, really gets two things about me: 1) how joyful this pregnancy is, and 2) just how nerdy Little Dude’s mama can occasionally be. And because he himself has that geek streak, I’m not even 75 percent sure that he was kidding when he posted the link to these on my wall and said, essentially, “baby gift!”

I had to click the link, finding myself over at Think Geek faster than you can say “Dammit, Jim!” And while I was giggling, and having the new-mom vapors at the idea of anyone putting their beloved infant into a red-is-the-color-of-doom Star Trek onesie, Michael came in, and I showed the page to him.

“Are you going to put that on the registry?” asked my beloved, showing one of his first signs of recognition that such a document exists. “I think that’s actually appropriate for us.”

“Spock blue,” I called after him as he went into our room to finish getting ready for work. “Maybe Kirk gold, but definitely not red.”

A few minutes later, he came back out, putting his belt on. “Scotty wore the red.”

Apparently red is not just the color denoting This Week’s Expendable Extra, which I realize when I stop to think about it. “So blue is science, like Spock and Bones… red is engineering and dead… who wears the gold besides Kirk?”

“Gold is leadership.” By now, Michael is putting on his socks and shoes, but still pondering. “What color did Khan wear? I’m pretty sure that was red too.”

“Khan wore an Enterprise uniform?” I haven’t seen all the episodes, and the ones I’ve seen I haven’t seen nearly as many times as Michael has (a divide best illustrated by the fact that I absolutely love the J.J. Abrams Star Trek and Michael is a little offended by its playing fast and loose with the timeline). Never mind that Khan wearing the uniform isn’t a selling point, no matter how delightfully cheesy Ricardo Montalban could be.

“You know,” says the newly interested in registries dad, “we can get him more than one color.”

I laugh, rolling my eyes just ever so slightly and mostly to myself. But then I geek the rest of the way out. “Oooo! Too bad they don’t have the Terran Empire uniforms from ‘Mirror Mirror’!”

2 thoughts on “How to Suck a New Dad Into the Whole Registry Deal

    • I forgot that Michael told me gold was leadership, though he didn’t give me the Sulu/Chekhov examples. So, command. Got it, and corrected the conversation above too. Thanks. 🙂

      Apparently there are Next Generation models out there too, but that just seems kind of spandexy for a baby.

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