Announcing his presence with authority

Week 18, Day 5

Last night, I was reading the last few chapters of Giant before going to sleep and Michael was working on a white paper on his laptop. I had my hand resting on my belly when WHOA NELLIE, first contact! A big rippling movement under my hand! Nothing as pointedly definitive as an elbow, more like a rolling bump, but for the next 10 or 15 minutes or so, the Benedicts of Reata lay tossed aside on the covers while our boy rocked and rolled and practiced doing the wave. Michael was able to feel the shifting too, so now the Little Dude has been introduced to both of his parents.

I hate resorting to cliche, but it was really amazing. I was shocked by how surprised and thrilled I was. I know that by February the place-kicking is going to get uncomfortable and all, but for now, I’ll absolutely take it.

3 thoughts on “Announcing his presence with authority

  1. Quickening is the most wonderful experience in the world. I loved it and never got tired of that sensation. Others have told me they felt like there was an alien who had taken over their body — but not me. I thought it was so very cool.

    And about 30 minutes after I enjoyed a chocolate milk shake, guess who demonstrated (turned out to be) her enjoyment of the chocolate milk shake?

    God bless!

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