Hey, you!

Week 19, Day 6

So far, our Little Dude will likely not be called:

Drew Brees Usey
Roger Staubach Usey
Tom Landry Usey
Paul Bryant Usey
Stevie Ray Usey
C. Ray Usey
T. Boone Usey
T. Coraghessan Usey
Jefferson Jackson Usey
Jeffrey Lebowski Usey
Marcus Aurelius Usey
Maximus Decimus Meridius Usey
James Tiberius Usey
James Agee Usey
James Thurber Usey
Woodrow Wilson Usey
Franklin Roosevelt Usey
Roosevelt Franklin Usey
Alonso Ampuero Usey
Ernesto Guevara Usey

7 thoughts on “Hey, you!

  1. Had Elizabeth or Colleen been boys, they would have been named George Stewart Scales. The George was quickly agreed upon, in honor of two recently deceased Georges in our lives (one family, one practically family). The middle name was not so quickly decided. Kate had a cousin named Michael who died at 19 while she was pregnant with Elizabeth, and I said, in all seriousness, that I’d be okay with George Michael Scales. Honor her cousin, with a playful nod to Arrested Development. Kate, who is very wise, vetoed that name.

    But I offer it to you for your consideration. George Michael Scales Usey. Think about it.

      • Good point re. his father (wasn’t thinking of that, just the familiar ring of “My name is Inigo Montoya.”) I referred to our little people in utero as “baby bear.” Since we were determined to have a couple of good choices but not to choose until we saw and held and felt certain about the fit of a name, we had to have some way of referring to them that wasn’t clinical, or absolutely generic.

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