What’s in a name?

The top 20 boys' names in the U.S., 2010.

Week 19, Day 5

Yesterday was my first appointment with my regular OB, Dr. Oliver, since Dr. Binka-Binka gave us all that good news. For the first time, there was no ultrasound. Just the Doppler of the heartbeat, which was 152 wubba-wubbas a minute. Then she went over the perinatologist’s report, and when she mentioned the part about the baby being a boy, she asked, “Do you have a name?”

No, I answered. No name. We had a name for a girl, but we absolutely do not have a name for a boy. We’re nowhere close to having a name for a boy.

“What would the girl’s name have been?” she asked.

Emma Rose. Emma for my grandfather’s mother, Emma Franke, and my grandmother’s grandmother, Emily Chase, and for Michael’s dad, Emmett; Rose for my mother, Cheryl Rose, and also through stretching to honor Michael’s mom, Sharyn (Rose of Sharon), and finally because that six-year-old daughter of my best friend who beat cancer and inspired me to be willing to try to have children is Caitlin Rose.

But I don’t think this Little Dude is going to answer to Emma Rose.

So we’re compiling lists; a list of possibles, a list of family names, a list of no-way-nohows. It may take the remaining 20 weeks to settle on something, but we’ve gotten started.

Coming soon, a list of names that didn’t make the cut.

5 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. My unsolicited advice is do not tell anyone the name before the baby is born. Once he is here you can introduce him as Darth Vader, Ben 10, Mr. Spock or whatever name you have picked and everyone will smile and tell you how unique/wonderful/perfect his name is. If you tell them before, all bets are off.

    Have you ever seen the SNL skit on naming kids? It is hilarious and frightening at the same time. Everyone has an opinion or knew someone awful with the name and you won’t want to hear them.

    Having said that, how about Emmett? I love that name:)

    Good luck!

  2. More unsolicited advice….Once you make “the decision”, stand in the back yard and yell the entire name…first, middle and last…10 times. If you still like it, go for it. If you become annoyed hearing it, make another selection. As he becomes older, you will repeat the entire name countless times!

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