Special deliveries

Week 19, Day 7

Michael and I are so fortunate that our families are so supportive. When Michael goes out of town on long business trips, either my in-laws or my mom will come and stay with me to keep me company and scoop the cat litter. My sister-in-law in New Orleans is throwing a baby shower there so we can see our friends there. We have had prayers and support and understanding and good loving advice come our way from Dallas and Virginia and New Mexico and Australia.

And now, just in time for today’s football game, Little Dude’s Gram (my mom) has sent His First Licensed Sports Apparel.

Fun Stuff For Little Dude is beginning to appear in our mailbox.

I have it draped over the arm of my chair facing the TV to soak up good Saints vibes and start Little Dude down the Game Day Superstition path before he ever even arrives.

We’ve had a couple of other special deliveries this week; I’ll share them soon. My rule for myself is I can’t post about a special delivery until I write the thank-you note.

Edit, three quarters later: We’re watching the Saints game, since it’s a rare Sunday when it gets broadcast here in Texas, and the Little Dude has gotten really active. Like he’s trying to help John Carney show Garrett Hartley how to kick that ball through the uprights, or letting Zach Strief know that he could actually be blocking James Anderson just like this. Or maybe he just really loves his Saints onesie.

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