Foot long

Week 20, Day 2

My Vanderbilt compadres will remember our basketball star Will Perdue and his size 21AAAAA shoes.

My Duke friends will reach out to Coach K, pronto, with news of the latest possible recruit who bears watching. I will do my part by finding a little Duke basketball for him to play with in the crib.

Yes, those are Little Dude’s feet. His feet. The measurement there is 3.5 centimeters, or 1.37795276 inches, as calculated at our in-depth perinatology ultrasound this afternoon.

Long legs and arms, strong heartbeat…

a still little sleeping giant who was very quiet with his face and belly pressed towards his mama’s spine and thus not available for paparazzi shots. Weight, about 13 ounces, give or take an ounce or two.

Half an hour later on our way to dinner, whump! He was awake again.

4 thoughts on “Foot long

  1. liam has a small collection of Duke gear that i need out of this TarHeel mama’s house!

    I’m gonna send a private email to you on FB discussing my cloth diapering system for the last 6 years. I have loved it. Will discuss more later!

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