Nana and Gramps

Week 20, Day 4

Michael left yesterday for 10 days at a huge children’s products trade show, where he’ll be working hard to introduce his company’s safe EA-free plastic to manufacturers and retailers of things we’re about to need lots of — baby bottles, sippy cups, water bottles, food storage, etc. So Little Dude and I sent him off with a hug and kiss and a big whoomp of a kick (well, I felt it, even if Michael didn’t).

And now, we’re on our own. Quite apart from the critical toxoplasmosis-concerned question, “Who will scoop the cat litter??” for the three cats, there is the question of an already-mopey sweetoldyellowdog and a sure-to-be-lonely mama-to-be.

Enter Nana and Gramps. This is how Michael’s parents are known to our Dallas nieces. As I write this, they are in their minivan scooting across East Texas to come and stay for a week. We’ll walk that mopey dog, watch the Texas Rangers in the playoffs, do some cleaning and sorting and decluttering, run to IKEA, go test-drive strollers at the big-box baby stores, and generally work on getting things ready for Little Dude.

This isn’t the first visit we’ve had from Nana and Gramps. We’re lucky to have them less than five hours away, and we get to have them come and stay every couple of months or so. Plus, just like Gram and Bubba, they send sweet Little Dude treats to the mailbox.

At the end of the month, it’s my mom’s turn. Gram will drive over from Alabama for a week while Michael goes to an international show in Dusseldorf. Despite missing Michael madly, I’m a lucky little mama to have my family close enough (and retired enough) to come and spoil me a bit. If only we could get everyone just a little bit closer. Say, down the street…

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