A busy four weeks, but good busy…

Week 24, Day 2

It’s official! Last week of the second trimester! Time for the Big Reveal, the Boy in the Bump…

Self-portrait with bump

In the last four weeks, the Little Dude has gone from the size of a small canteloupe (6.5″, 10 oz., though readers may recall that the actual perinatologist’s measurement of Little Dude’s weight in week 20 was more like as much as 13 oz) to the size of an ear of corn (fabulous Fincel’s sweet corn from Dubuque, of course). My uterus is now the size of a soccer ball, complete with many kicks all day every day, some of them undoubtedly over-the-head scissor kicks. We all go back to the perinatologist on Monday for another look-see and sets of measurements and hopefully, if we can talk the doctor’s staff into allowing us to shoot it, some more video.

Meanwhile, we’ve been Getting Things Done. On Nana and Gramps’ first visit, we cleaned the house, found furniture to clean up and list on Craigslist, moved everything from the closet in my office into what has become my half of the closet in Michael’s office (the closet is twice as big, so while I de-stuffed along the way, it wasn’t too bad, though now we have to tackle Michael’s half), went through the kitchen and dining room to find things to give to Goodwill, made three trips to Goodwill, went to IKEA to look at baby stuff and bookshelves, went to the big-box baby stores to look at strollers and cribs and car seats and got completely overwhelmed by the floor-to-ceilingness of it all, had plumbing and home improvement contractors come out to the house to provide estimates for fixing all three bathrooms, watched all of our favorite sports teams lose important and/or embarrassing games, and had Little Dude kick his Nana right in the palm, much to everyone’s delight.

Then Little Dude’s daddy came home from the trade show, and in the 11 days he was home, we had a lot of work to do for PlastiPure and the international trade show in Dusseldorf. We also managed to generate the five-page list of things that need to be done/cleaned/sold/finished before the end of January, and that will be our driving document for the last trimester. And I worked with my sister-in-law in Metairie to get invitations put together for our New Orleans baby shower in December (nothing planned for Austin yet, but we’ll see), and looked up addresses, and had a good time updating the registry to reflect a range of possible stuff our little guy could use and enjoy.

And then Michael left for Germany, without the capability to make international calls or access to wi-fi without sitting in the hallway by the elevator of his hotel, and because Gram had to stay in Alabama with Bubba before his hip replacement surgery, Nana and Gramps came back to keep the rest of us company again. This time we boxed up all of the books in my office, cleaned and photographed more furniture for Craigslist and the consignment shops (mid-century modern and 1920s pieces for everyone! two pieces sold so far with a third on hold for a buyer), cleaned out more closets and cabinets, made another Goodwill run, took extra books to the library for their used book sales, cleaned some more, cooked some more, went to BabyEarth in Round Rock to check out the stuff not available at the baby big-boxes, really appreciated the sanity and selection of their store and the scope of their website, narrowed the stroller selection down to three and the car seat selection down to two and chose the high chair and the baby carrier, received the lovely and generous news that my sister-in-law in Australia wants to give us whichever stroller we choose, and hauled three times the usual load of trash and recyclables to the curb before they left to go back to Longview this morning.

Add in the editorial design work I’m doing for the water charity Water to Thrive, the dog-walking and pre-natal yoga and naps that still get taken, and Little Dude’s first trip to the polls with his mama for early voting (his first click, for the Democratic candidate for governor of Texas), and suddenly four weeks have gone by. Hoping to be able to keep up a little better from here on out, to share more of the wisdom and humor I’ve picked up from all of you, more of the kicks and wiggles, and maybe a few more shots of the Boy in the Bump.

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