No matter how you count it…

Week 25, Day 1

By my initial calculations, I was counting today as the first day of the third trimester. Because a trimester is three months, right? And that’s 12 weeks. But the wacky thing about the pregnancy calendar is that a normal pregnancy goes on for 40 weeks, which is  10 months, not nine. A third of that is 13 weeks and 2 days and a few hours. So then you might think, okay, that means next Monday, or possibly Wednesday, is the first day of the third trimester. But no. According to Dr. Binka-Binka, who we saw this morning, the third trimester officially starts along about week 28.

So here I am, still in the second trimester. Which I suppose means we have more time to tackle the whole to-do list. It does mean that, right?

Our appointment with Dr. Binka-Binka went really well. Once again, we have an obstetric care provider using the word “perfect.” We like this word. We particularly like this word when it is accompanied by several minutes of watching our little guy wiggle and swallow and suck his thumb and stick out his tongue. And we use this word ourselves when we look at the still photo that ultrasound technician Robin managed to grab, almost a portrait of our Little Dude.


I know it’s hard to tell, but does it look like he’s got long eyelashes like his mama?

He’s holding steady at four days ahead of schedule (i.e., I’m exactly 25 weeks pregnant today, and Little Dude comes in at the size of 25 weeks/4 days). His heart rate today was 153, and his weight is already 1 pound 13 ounces. That’s a whole pound added in the last month. Dr. Binka-Binka says things couldn’t look better. We go back in a month, then a month after that, and then once a week until Little Dude makes his appearance on the scene.


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