Seeking your advice…

Week 25, Day 6

Here’s the current quandary in a nutshell. We have two cars. Do we need two car seats?

Here’s the expanded quandary. We want something really safe, so we’ve been looking at the Britax line (Marathon, Boulevard, Advocate). Those seats are not carrier-based infant seats, but instead the fixed convertible seats (i.e., rear-facing as an infant, forward-facing at the appropriate time, good up to as much as 65-70 pounds). I’m particularly drawn to the side-impact protection, because while I love my 2007 Subaru Forester and feel like it’s a pretty safe vehicle, in the case of a side-impact collision, the collision would pretty much come at baby level and I just want the extra stuff there.

Michael drives the 2005 Land Rover that we got to replace his Infiniti that drowned in our driveway in New Orleans. I’m less concerned about all the extra side-impact cushioning when Little Dude is riding with his dad. But while I’ll be doing 90 percent of the Little Dude chauffeuring, there will be times when we need to pack up Little Dude and sweetoldyellowdog Bailey and some luggage and take off for The Dirt or New Orleans.

I should also mention that our final two stroller choices do come with infant car-seat adapters, but I’d been planning more on using the Ergo wearable carrier and the stroller and *not* on schlepping a car-seat carrier around.

What the heck do we do? What have you all done? One kid, two cars, two seats? Hold off on the convertible seats and suck it up for the infant seats at first? Invest the money we’d spend on two infant seat bases plus infant seat into the second convertible seat? Input, please!

5 thoughts on “Seeking your advice…

  1. We held off on the convertible seat and got an infant seat with two bases. One big plus of those is the ability to lift them out, sleeping baby and all, into a stroller/into the house/into a restaurant and put at your feet or next to you in an upside-down high chair. And I would highly recommend one of the universal carseat carrying stroller thingys. They are only ~$50 new, cheaper at consignment/Craigs List, and they’re foldable and light, unlike many of the stroller “systems” that my friends warned me against at the time. You really don’t need the serious stroller till you’re several months in. In other words, don’t get the car seat adapter for your main stroller and cart both around; just wait until it’s safe for Little Dude to sit up in a stroller to get the main one, and then pass the car seat carrier on to some other needy person.

    Once Sam was too big for the carrier-style, we had/have the main convertible seat in my car, and the one we used on airplanes in R’s car, since he doesn’t often have shuttling duty (those seats are not as large and sturdy). But once Sam outgrew the latter, we did suck it up and buy another good convertible seat comparable to the one in my car (I think they’re both Britax). It’s worth the lack of hassle when I can just say, “can you pick him up from daycare?” without major logistics challenges.

  2. Late to this conversation, and you may have made your decisions by now, but wanted to say:

    1) We inherited a carrier to use with Colleen, and it’s made life much easier than with Elizabeth re: transporting a sleeping child.

    2) We made do with one car seat for two years with Elizabeth, though Kate and I were very flexible with which car we drove. I would usually take the car that didn’t have the car seat–easier than moving the car seat back and forth. This summer, my folks bought a car seat for their car, and gave it to us when they left town, and it has made life easier–right now we don’t have to worry about moving the seat or swapping cars. Though when Colleen outgrows the carrier, we’ll be back to the same situation again.

  3. James, not *all* related decisions have been made, so to you and Abby and Meg and everyone else who messaged me input on this, thanks!

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