Funny how time slips away…

Week 31, Day 4

Six weeks have gotten away from us since my last post. Six chock-full weeks. Since deciding on our Britax car seat, we have:

* sold several pieces of furniture on Craigslist just in time for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving morning: The Butterball this year was all Little Dude and no turkey.

* had a Thanksgiving getaway out at The Dirt, where naps lasted all afternoon

* scanned in about 300 old family photos, some for the sake of historic preservation and some for the sake of making an album of baby pictures of various family members (a post in itself)

* finished boxing up books and other items from my office, which is becoming the nursery, and started trying to get other spots in the house organized to absorb it all

* been feted in New Orleans, where sister-in-law Nicole and best friend Pam put together an amazing baby shower with a gorgeous fondant cake, homemade etouffee courtesy of Nicole’s brother Logan, and a guest list including most of my favorite people in New Orleans (though we did miss getting to see a few folks!)… the driving there and back again was interesting, but the being there couldn’t have been more wonderful, as both sets of parents came and Michael’s brother and sister-in-law came from Dallas and everything was beautiful and lovely and so appreciated (photos forthcoming)

* gotten Christmas shopping finished, wrapped, and delivered

* had an ultrasound at 29 weeks/5 days showing Little Dude’s size as 30 weeks/4 days, which is consistent with where he’s been vis-a-vis the growth charts all the way along… i.e., ahead of the curve…

With Alonso at the student cinema at Vanderbilt, where we spent many hours together many years ago, ready for his "Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas" program.

* flown up to Nashville to have biscuits and blackberry preserves at the Loveless Cafe and sugar-and-spice pancakes at Pancake Pantry with dear old Vandy friends Mary and Alonso, to support Alonso’s book tour for his fabulous Christmas movie book Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas, and to see other good friends like Anne and Kevin and Pat for the first time in nearly two decades, plus had my very pregnant photo taken with Southwest Airlines’ Santa Claus at the Nashville airport on the way back home (photo not forthcoming until I let fall the last shreds of my vanity)

Those shreds of vanity fall: I'm tired and swollen from traveling, the 22-degree weather in Nashville has flattened out my hair and staticked up my clothes, but Santa has focused on the important piece of the photo.

* had not one but both
bathrooms ripped out (not quite at the same time, though there has been a little bit of shower-here, toilet-there, brush-teeth-in-kitchen-sink) because of leaky pipes in the walls

* pared the registry down a little, then built it right back up again with more books and fun stuff from Etsy (whoops)

* fought off a kind of yucky stomach situation, with no harm to the Little Dude

* spent hours and hours at IKEA and Home Depot and various flooring stores

* picked out zero-VOC paint and cork flooring for the nursery, to be installed by us over Christmas

* made the thrilling and somewhat breathtaking choice of our stroller, gifted to us by Michael’s sister Dana, in fabulous purple … now all we have to do is put it together…

* worked on deals and products for PlastiPure (Michael) and on communications materials for Water to Thrive (Kim)

* concocted a new fudge recipe with chile and cinnamon (Fudge del Fuego? Frida Fudge?) and baked several dozen shortbread for holiday sharing

None of this is to say I couldn’t have kept up a little better, but really, I figured there were only so many times y’all wanted me to report that I think he got his elbow caught in my ribs while he was turning around or that it looks like my belly button is really about to pop.

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