Family man

I have left for its own brief entry a piece of horribly shocking and sad family news, mostly because it is just so hard to think about and impossible to accept. While it isn’t directly related to our pregnancy, it’s about family and love and a man who embodied the idea that you are just there for your family and friends, whatever they need.

My sister-in-law Nicole’s brother Logan, a kind, funny, go-to-and-rely-upon guy, was doing last-minute shopping at the mall yesterday, Christmas Eve morning, when he collapsed suddenly and died. In addition to his wife Lisette and two young sons, his too-sudden and too-soon passing leaves his parents, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, in-laws, and hundreds of friends grieving and in disbelief.

Logan with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees at a recent charity function. When I told him how jealous I was of this picture, he bumped my shoulder and said, "You can get your picture with me too, no problem."

Every little while, it hits me again and I have to stop and catch my breath and send my love and prayers once more across the 500 miles to where his family is trying to catch their breath and come to terms with such an impossibility. I cannot imagine going home to New Orleans, to the neighborhood where the whole family lives within a block of each other, and not having him be there. I cannot imagine how to help comfort his family — who I have felt to be my family — in this sad and terrible time.

I was fortunate to see him with the rest of the family at our New Orleans shower, for which — for us — he made one of his many amazing dishes, a superb etouffee, though I had not yet written the note to him and Lisette to say how much that meant to me, and I’m not sure I even got to hug him goodbye at the end of that hectic, happy evening.

Logan and Lisette always made me feel accepted and welcome and part of their family, and for both Michael and me, the memories we have of his cooking and sense of humor and love of his family and home will stay with us forever. And I can’t help but feel like from now on, whenever we see Lisette and Brody and Wyatt, Nicole and my brother and their boys, and Logan’s sister Desi and brother Eddie and his parents Mr. Eddie and Mrs. Loretta, and we hug them hello or kiss them goodbye or show in whatever little way how glad we are to have such a family to cherish, whenever we take extra time for our own boy or do whatever we can for our own family and friends, a small piece of that will always be going to Logan.

3 thoughts on “Family man

    • Oh Kim — I’m so sorry. A sudden death is the worst kind — no preparation – it IS devastating. Of course our prayers go out to your family — your in-laws. Our love to Michael. I say this with all sincerity — that perhaps a bit of your brother-in-law’s spirit will become a part of the tangible wiggling love growing within you right now.

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