Dude Date

Week 36, Day 4

Since no word of Little Dude Arrival Date pools has reached my in-box, I’m not too worried about this post spoiling anyone’s financial windfall. Consultations between Dr. Binka-Binka and Dr. Oliver have resulted in our timetable being moved up. Instead of a February 21 due date, we’re now looking at being induced on February 11, and this is pretty much for sure.

So nobody else has to look at a calendar, let me confirm: February 11 is just FIFTEEN DAYS AWAY.

It’s also his Uncle Matt’s birthday. And if it takes longer than 16-18 hours, then February 12 is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Not bad days to be born on, either of them. (And if, heaven forbid, things stretch out to the 13th, well, we’re looking at Grant Wood and Tennessee Ernie Ford, both esoteric but fun.)

But let’s get back to that slight note of hysteria over losing 10 days of prep time. Michael and I  have both been hit hard with an upper respiratory crud for the past three weeks, and I took a tumble over a footstool late Friday night and strained my back (but did a half-gainer on the way to the floor that protected Little Dude, whose subsequent fetal monitoring by Dr. Oliver was pronounced “a great track, the best track we’ve ever seen”), and we haven’t gotten quite as much taken care of as we’d hoped to have done by now. Fortunately, my mom used Southwest to fly out to see us on January 5, and thanks to their no-change-fee policy, she’s been able to extend her ticket a couple of times to take care of us. So among the many other things she’s accomplished (chicken soup, chocolate chip cookies), the freezer is stocked and getting stockeder, and the crib has a bedskirt and curtains are nearly finished, and clothes and bedding and diapers are sorted, and so on. She’s here until Tuesday, and then Michael’s parents will come down the week of to help us with last-minute things and then will stay while we’re at the hospital so Bailey and the Pussycats have caretaking, and Everything Will Work Out.

Meanwhile, while trying not to infect other expecting moms, we did manage to get to enough of our childbirth classes to be kind of grossed out by what’s coming up. We got a tour of the maternity ward and I know now that I will definitely need to take my own pillows and that I am going to be wishing for a lamp in the mother-baby suite afterwards because all they’ve got is horrendous overhead fluorescent lighting. Our birth plan (which is chock-full of the phrase “we would prefer but”) has been signed off on by Dr. Oliver. And actually, the distract-yourself-from-the-pain breathing techniques we learned did come in handy when I was dealing with the strained back muscles after the fall.

So, in the next 15 days, we’ve got to:
* Finish washing baby bedding and some newborn clothes
* Finish stocking the diaper drawer
* Get some renovation/construction chores done and cleaned up after
* Double-check that insurance coverage is in place
* Install the car seats
* Pack the hospital bag

Among other things. But those are the top priorities, in no particular order. Along with settle on a name so we aren’t calling our boy “Dude” or “Duderino” or “L.D.” for the rest of his life.

Finally, a big shout-out to my college friend Joseph and his wife Heather, who have been about a month ahead of us on this trip and who welcomed little Zoe into the world yesterday. Memphis is a long way to go for a play date, but we could be convinced. Welcome, Zoe!

16 thoughts on “Dude Date

  1. I am so excited for you. LD will be here before you know it. And, at that point, all the other stuff won’t matter! Keep taking care of yourself and know that there are lots of people praying for you!

  2. We called Tiny E. “the nipper” in utero. Took a couple of days to get used to calling her by her actual name. A boy could do worse than being called “The Dude”.

  3. I know you are in the moment and worrying about details, but from my perspective, this all sounds so exciting. Oh my God — you all are going to have a baby! That is so wonderful. Of the items you posted on your “to do” list, I’d say make sure that the insurance item is checked off. I was just a wee bit sad that Micah’s birthday (2/18) was out of the running, but I’ll get over it. [Micah is turning 20 next month; we’re trying to cope with that]. I will continue my fervent praying and good wishing and all the rest for you and your family. Truly, may you all know God’s blessings more and more. And I’ll continue to pray for y’all for that 4th trimester — for good sleeping and good eating and patience with one another and abundant love flowing in every direction and an awareness that wacky hormone levels may have their way, but only in the short-term! Kisses and hugs all around…

  4. I’ll write more later, but my initial thoughts are:

    -plan on throwing out the pillows if you bring them

    -you won’t need/care/think about lamps

    -take your car seats to the nearest police station and have them put one in each car -TODAY! –The baby could come any day. They won’t let you take him home w/o one in your car. And, you don’t one or both of you stressed out about the car seat when you are trying to take your bundle home for the first time. Out here, all the PDs offer this service free of charge. It saves on the marital stress and you know they are in correctly:)

  5. You know what? An induction date is actually pretty nice in that you truly have a target date, by which you know you will have an Actual Baby, outside of your body. I recall the night my water broke, thinking, “wow, tomorrow we get to meet this kid.” And by then, it was really too late to worry about much else. If you hold out till Feb. 14, LD will have my birthday :-)…which is maybe not as nice for a boy as for a girl.

    Ditto Jennifer’s comment that there are many other things to worry about besides lighting, once you have said AB in hand.

    So happy to think of you with a little boy in just a couple of weeks! All the best!

  6. I know that the lamp thing is silly, and that ultimately I won’t really do anything about it, but honestly, y’all, overhead fluorescent lighting is in my top 10 pet peeves. If I had a desert island packing list and there was the possibility of generating electricity on that island, I’d be packing a little bedside lamp and a 60-watt bulb. 🙂

  7. Thinking of you, Kim. My apologies for never getting back to you @ diapers…Keep us all posted! Have you registered anywhere for baby items, btw? We’d like to send a little somethin!

    • Thanks, Marian! We are slowly getting stuff pulled together. The first load of diapers is pre-washing right this minute! We registered at Amazon (http://ow.ly/3zGyB), lots and lots of books (his LibraryThing list is at http://www.librarything.com/catalog/LittleUsey) and little teethers and wood toys and things from Etsy. In these tough times, I really want to say please don’t send anything but good wishes, but if you *must*, if there’s a particular book that the girls loved, that would be perfect.

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