Twenty twenty twenty six hours to go…

Week 38 Day 3

…until I get sedated…

Seriously, they’ve said that after we check in at the hospital tomorrow night, they’re going to sleeping-pill me so I can rest up a bit before Friday. Which, considering that the last several nights I’ve been sleeping about 20 minutes at a time, is probably a very good idea. My bags are packed, I’m ready to go, and a teary meltdown I had in spite of myself last night (the kind where you walk around the house with tears running out of your eyes trying not to let everyone hear you hiccup and cry because really, you’re 42 and not a baby anymore, but there it all is and you need a Kleenex) resulted in several hours this morning of my sweet father- and mother-in-law organizing and moving all of the construction and renovation tools and debris and trash and bags and receipts into the garage so the living room wouldn’t be piled with everything anymore, and my alarmed husband getting some more nursery projects done, and my being able to take a deep breath now today and get a few last things done myself.

For instance, I…

My little rabbit for my little Rabbit

* finished packing, including the little rabbit I found at the baby boutique on Tuesday after a good friend gave me a gift card. It’s incredibly soft, and as several Chinese friends have noted, Little Dude will be born in the Year of the Rabbit, and I still didn’t have a focal point or anything to kind of hold onto during labor and couldn’t resist the nod to She’s Having a Baby (though it won’t be across the room with an obstructed view)

* figured out the last thing I want on the walls of the nursery, which is a picture ledge I can use to display art and letters and photos from Little Dude’s cousins

* washed one last dozen cloth diapers to have ready (these hemp inserts require six rounds through the laundry before first use to ensure absorbency! though I will say they are indeed getting softer and fluffier)

* packed the last of my office supplies onto the new shelves in one of our front closets and transformed my former sewing drawers into Little Dude Closet Drawers for swaddlers and crib sheets and so on

Are they inspired by the little Mutts figurines? Or the fleecy organic goodness of the changing pad?

* shooed the cats out of the nursery not one, not two, but three times in an hour (let us hope to high heaven that Little Dude doesn’t have allergies)

* found a place for my sewing machine and sewing table and thus opened up a nice big space in the dining room for us to work with getting the dining table out of the living room

* went around crossing off all these items from the to-do lists I’d posted outside each room yesterday (thanks to Nana and Gramps and Michael and even a little work by me)

Now all I have to do is figure out what I want to eat for an early supper tomorrow night on the way to the hospital (suggestions welcome!) and draw up one last to-do list for tomorrow. “Nap” will be a big item, I’m thinking.

2 thoughts on “Twenty twenty twenty six hours to go…

  1. wow, can’t believe it’s almost time! The nursery looks perfect.

    As for your meal, consider super-protein. We went to a steakhouse the night before our check-in – had a lovely little steak, salad and potato and freshly squeezed lemonade. Fab, and just the ticket for the whole nothing by mouth thing later.

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