Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

Week 38, Day 4

Keeping it short and sweet, even though all the hard work at the house this week means I could show you a nursery tour… if I weren’t at the hospital being induced. In the last three hours, we’ve gotten me all checked in and checked out, and labor nurse extraordinaire Monique has gotten things started with some interesting drugs and we’ve had a round of contractions. I got through the physical exam thanks to her coaching (and my little soft comforting bunny) and Michael’s hand-holding. Other highlights so far… the cherry popsicle, and the promise of one last small meal, a little turkey sandwich with the sleeping pill that’s coming in 10 minutes.

Then the promise of being woken for two more very uncomfortable little procedures at midnight and 4 a.m., and then Dr. Oliver arrives at 7 to really get the party started.

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