What comes next…

The 40 weeks of pregnancy… well, 38-plus… were, overall, wonderful. I wouldn’t trade them, even the incessant need for a bathroom and the other physical discomforts.

But those weeks are over, and now we’re well launched on our new adventure. We’re documenting it at a new site, Thomas Today, as well as on Facebook and at a Shutterfly share site. The new site is so far just photos, because I am generally operating my computer with one hand while I have a baby on the other, and it is a rare five minutes that I have to write anything as full as a post. I may go back and add a Thomas-related FB status from each day to that day’s photo, if I can swing it, and at some point I would actually like to have text in a post.

Just one photo for each day, so you may have a good time seeing whether I can actually edit myself down that far. Though on days like Thomas’ one-month birthday or his bluebonnet safari, there may also wind up being links to larger collections.

Come on over. And thanks for reading, supporting, and being not just lovely readers but wonderful friends.

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