Back to the countdown… Three weeks, six days

A lot of thought went into our decision to try to give Thomas a sibling. My age (ungodly old), Michael’s age, our finances, our house size, the need for a minivan… the list of things to consider wasn’t short.

But ultimately, it just came down to our feeling that Thomas needs a brother or sister. Someone he can look out after, someone who will look out after him. Someone who will aggravate him, tease him, push him along. Someone who, God willing, will be his go-to person his whole long life long.

Trying it on our own got us nowhere. So back to the good docs at Texas Fertility we went. With no insurance coverage, and a toddler in tow (or, as we call Thomas when we’re there, an alumnus). I carried just enough residual ambivalence in with me to feel like if our first try didn’t work, we didn’t need to try again.

But it worked.

As of this morning, six days before my next cycle should have started, two lines. A follow-up blood test shows a progesterone level of 78 and an hCG level of 179. (At three weeks and six days, Nurse Erin says, they look for progesterone at 20 and hCG between 50 and 100.) Bloodwork again on Monday, and a schedule of appointments to follow until they look to find the heartbeat at six weeks.

So. Many things could still go wrong. We know that. But we are on the way.

And Thomas has no idea what’s in store for him.

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