Six weeks, three days

Today has been a stressful one. We hope that what’s happening is that the second sac, the one that failed, is the cause of the more-than-just-spotting that’s been going on since about noon. That’s our theory, and our nurse tended to agree with it. At the ultrasound yesterday, all the measurements for Little Lentil looked good, and the measurements on the second sac seemed to indicate that it had stopped developing last week, so it would make sense that the body is tidying things up and that we’re saying goodbye to a twin who wasn’t meant to be.

Of course, there’s not much we can do at this point if more than that is happening. And on the phone with the nurse, I pretty much got her to admit as much. But we’re trying to be positive. Michael stayed home with me this afternoon so he could wrangle Thomas and I could lie down, and the symptoms have never escalated into anything truly scary. It’s just all anxiety-making, and I’m working on deep breathing and Thomas snuggling to fight that.

Plus reading all the cheerleading comments to yesterday’s good news on Facebook. This is why I broke the news early. I wanted our friends to be part of our being happy. And I know that if things don’t work out, those same friends will be stalwart in their support, which I will need.

For now, though, positive energy.

2 thoughts on “Six weeks, three days

  1. Total positive energy! Anecdotal evidence isn’t evidence, but if it helps to know: I had a lot of unexplained bleeding with Alden. Once a really scary amount. And it was fine! Fine!

    • Things are okay here too. And your anecdotal evidence gave me something positive to remember several times today. Thanks!

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