Thirteen weeks, six days

It’s been several weeks since the last post (not counting the one just now about getting violently sick while changing Thomas’ poopy diaper), mostly because not a lot has been happening. It appears that the twin pregnancy did finally resolve itself without any harm to the first, and we’ve had two reassuring ultrasounds.


The latest reassuring ultrasound, Monday November 26, 13 weeks and three days.

We have another appointment with Dr. Oliver on December 10, and then the important appointment with perinatal specialist Dr. David Berry (who may be better remembered as Dr. Binka-Binka) in January. This will be the set of scans that tells us for sure what is happening with all of the organ development and (we hope) will rule out the fetal anomalies that are such a scary part of my pregnancy history.

Meanwhile, I haven’t really had time to go around feeling pregnant like I did with Thomas (again, not counting losing entire meals into little wastebaskets, and not counting needing to pass out where I stand occasionally). It’s odd, but last time, I felt all thrilled and glowy all the time. Now I’m still just focused on Thomas, who is turning into the funniest, sweetest, smartest little guy. We’re doing this for him, so he can have a sibling to push around and be pushed around by, but I still worry that it’s not really the right thing. Am I going to be able to give a second child as much love and attention as I’ve given Thomas? Am I still going to be able to give Thomas as much love and attention as he’s used to and as he needs? How in the world am I going to go to the grocery store?

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