Six weeks, two days

Today’s sonogram appointment couldn’t have gone much better. Thomas behaved. He will have one brother or sister, not two or three (though it looks like a second might have tried to get started and not worked out). The fetal heartrate is 117 bpm, which is right in the normal range for six weeks (103-126 bpm). A week from Friday we’ll go back for another look, and if all is still well, I’ll be headed back to the wonderful Dr. Donell Oliver for the rest of the pregnancy.

You can just make out Little Lentil in this shot, the little lentil in the open sac-like spot at the very left of the non-heartbeat image. (The nurse was supposed to give us a shot of the heartbeat and one of the sac and baby, but instead of the one with the baby, she gave us a lovely image of my left ovary. Suitable for framing.)


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