Week in the knees

Week 37, Day 4

That’s right. One week left. One week from tonight we’ll be checking into Seton Medical Center Austin and Little Dude will be lured into the world a week from tomorrow.

And frankly, it looks about like he’s ready.

We have our final appointment with Dr. Binka-Binka tomorrow, and we’ll get one last set of measurements. Keep in mind that on the first Friday in January (week 33, day 5), he weighed 5 pounds 5 ounces. Anyone want to make a few quick guesses about what tomorrow’s numbers will be?

Meanwhile, my mother, who came to visit on January 5 to stay for a week, went home this morning. Southwest has continued to be a champ through the whole month, letting her reschedule three times and then alerting her to another change she could make because of America’s Winterpocalypse 2011.  Right this minute she is driving down I-65 from the Birmingham airport to their home in Montgomery, leaving behind her one last batch of chocolate chip cookies, a full freezer, a painted master bath, and a complete set of nursery textiles.

If only we’d been able to set her loose on the laundry room and its attached half-bath. The crew we hired has left us in the lurch two of the last five days they were supposedly going to work, when we do not have two days to lose. Michael can’t lay the floor and set the baseboards until the painting is finished, and the washer and dryer can’t move back in until the floor is laid and baseboards set, and I can’t wash loads of dirty cloth diapers until the washer and dryer are moved back in. This is a simplification of the tearful phone call I made to Michael a little while ago during which I sobbed “They still are not here and this baby is coming in one week and NOTHING IS DONE.”


Lots has been done. Of that to-do list in the last post, all that’s left is to pack the bag, install the second car seat, and oh yes, finish the renovation chores, but we’ll leave that for the moment. If it comes down to it, I can always suck it up for one batch of diapers and go to Target and get some Seventh Generation disposables to start and switch to cloth when the washer and dryer are set back in their places. If Little Dude somehow absorbs the idea that his initial living environment is a chaotic mess instead of neat and clean and organized, well, then maybe he’ll just have lower expectations of his parents and any subsequent neat and clean and organized will just impress the little guy on some basic molecular level.

So you’re reading it here first. I am going to try to spend this last week relaxing, enjoying my husband and pets, and while keeping things moving on the getting-ready front, not stressing totally out. This is our last weekend before parenthood (though it feels like the responsibilities have already kicked in), and we’re going to go get a burger at Hill’s at some point and enjoy the baby shower that our Austin friends are giving us on Sunday.  Michael’s mom and dad are coming on Monday, and they will help us with more last-minute chores. The bag will get packed, the second car seat will get installed, and Little Dude will arrive. Everything else is details.

Y’all can remind me of that Attempt At Zen on Tuesday when I’m hyperventilating.

3 thoughts on “Week in the knees

  1. How exciting!
    We are so happy for you, Kim —

    As for the diapers, I was a cloth mama but it was actually just fine to use disposable for the first week-ish of meconium (blech) and exhaustion. And you can take home what’s left of the pack the hospital gives you!

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